Paypal BuyNow button for your Joosee Mobile Site


Joosee was designed to be an awesome mobile website solution that’s perfect for small businesses no matter the area of commerce. Now, for all those merchants among you, we’re introducing a fantastic new feature that’s going to push the functionality of Joosee to the next level and actually help you make money directly through your Joosee site.
From today we’re pleased to announce that users of Joosee have the option to add PayPal BuyNow buttons to their site, which will enable customers to purchase goods directly through your Joosee site. For each product you’re selling you can now add a PayPal BuyNow button and information including the item name, item number (if you wish) and the price. Even better; you can choose from 6 different kinds of currency- U.S. Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen and Australian Dollar. This is exactly the kind of feature that will push your site to the next level and make sure it continues to be an invaluable asset to your business. It’s a fantastic way to attract custom from all over the world and provide a way for them to purchase your product without having to physically come to the store.  We hope you enjoy this awesome new feature and as always we’d love to hear from you with any feedback, comments or suggestions you may have.
The PayPal BuyNow button is available to all Premium Joosee users.


Joosee comes to your computer


Today we're pleased to announce the release of the Joosee desktop simulated phone, which enables you to create mobile websites on using your computer.  All you need to do is go to on your desktop computer and after you sign up or login, you will see the simulated phone appear. You can use the simulated phone to edit your mobile site just as you would use your smartphone. uses the latest HTML 5 technology so we recommend that you use the simulated phone on either Chrome or Safari. This is because some other browsers do not fully support all the functions needed to run the simulated phone. Of course using your smart phone is still the best and most intuitive way of building mobile sites with, but we hope this new feature gives some of you the extra freedom you desire to build your Joosee mobile site. Have fun with it!


Joosee templates go multi-page!


It’s time for another fantastic announcement from us here at Joosee HQ. Following hot on the heels of our easy-to-use, intuitive color customization improvements from last month, we’ve been developing another new feature which we’re proud to say is ready to be released. And, if we may say so ourselves, it’s quite a game changer:

Introducing Joosee’s Brand New Multi-Page Site Templates

 You’ve probably noticed that up until now all Joosee sites have been made up of one page that scrolls vertically, with content placed on that page for viewing by the user. Many of you have found this to be a great and intuitive fit for your mobile site needs, but it occurred to us that some other Joosee users may prefer a different way to create a mobile site. Because of this we’re now beginning to roll out brand new templates that give you the ability to split your Joosee mobile site up into multiple, customizable pages featuring your unique content. This optimises Joosee for businesses that want to use many different types of content and for users that are targeting specific information (e.g. opening hours) and want to be able to access it more quickly. Overall it brings yet more choice over customization to your fingertips whilst keeping Joosee as easy-to-use as it's ever been.        


We’ve been excited by the positive response we’ve received from users who have used Joosee to create their free mobile site already, and we’re delighted to be able to introduce new features like this which will undoubtedly improve and refine the service for old and new users alike. For those of you who find the 1-page site a perfect fit – don’t worry! We’re going to continue developing and supporting the 1-page sites too. And we will never stop trying to juice-up Joosee to earn its crown as the best, most intuitive and easy-to-use free mobile site builder out there!

Awesome new customization features on Joosee


Here at Joosee we’re on a mission to create the most intuitive, easy-to-use and brilliant mobile site builder available. Whether it’s by developing and optimizing existing features or dreaming up brand new features, we’re constantly looking at ways to the make Joosee better. Most recently we’ve been working on some awesome new features that we’re sure you’re bound to love as they will greatly increase your ability to tweak and personalize your Joosee mobile site as you build it. Altogether there are 3 new features:

1. Customize text content. With all new templates we release we’re giving you the ability to completely personalize any text content on your mobile site. You can choose to make your text bold, italic and underlined, and you can also adjust the size of any text. We’ve also given you complete control over the colour of text, including the hue, saturation and brightness parameters.

2. Switching Template. Ever got half-way through making a site then decided you don’t like the template? Us too, so we’re giving you the ability to change template at any time during the building process, whenever the feeling takes you. Simply click the icon with 3 dotted lines in the corner of the screen then select ‘Change Template’.

3. Changing Template Colour. Is the colour of the template you’ve chosen not quite doing it for you? Have no fear: with all newly released templates you can change the main template colour to give you the personalization and creative touch that you need. What's more, we’ve given you 14 default colours to choose from so you’ll never have trouble finding one that’s just right. Even if you can't find the one you want, you now have the ability to build your very own colour for your mobile site's template using the hue, brightness and saturation parameters. It's complete colour customizability!

With these new features we've really ramped up the customizability of Joosee to provide you with many more choices and combinations when you're building your mobile site. We hope you have as much fun as we have playing around with these new features and applying them to your mobile site templates, and don't forget to give us feedback to let us know what you think!

Joosee officially launched 18th June


It's been months in the making, and taken a lot of blood, sweat, tears (ok, maybe not tears) and even smiles. Now, after what has seemed like a neverending string of long, frantic days and short, restless nights and after an endless stream of strong teas, stronger coffees and even stronger ideas, we can finally, proudly say that has officially launched to the World as of 18th June!

It all started from our grand vision to provide a cheap and intuitive way to get small businesses to go mobile, and realise their full marketing potential in the process. Driven by our passion for this vision, and for small business, we've spent the past 6 months developing this from a concept, to a full-blown, fully-functioning website. At the core of this journey has been YOU, the user: We made it HTML5 so you don't have to download yet ANOTHER app onto your phone. We spent months engineering the workflow so that it's as easy and intuitive to create a site as possible. We made it so there are no nasty surprises: what you see on the screen is what you get when you publish the site. We made it so that you can take and upload photos to the site immediately; bringing you the freedom to completely customize site content. Furthermore, it's YOUR help and feedback that has given us the ability to tweak, cut, shape, prod and mould the site into what we hope it has become today: the simplest and most intuitive mobile site builder for smartphones out there.

But, this is only the beginning of what we hope is a very long journey for Joosee and it's users. We may have launched, but that doesn't mean we're going to sit back and relax. Rest assured that our appetite for construction will never be satiated and that we will always be hatching new ideas to bring creative and innovative new features to the site. Of course, we need your continued support for this too! Don't stop sending us your thoughts, opinions or ideas-they help us help you and are invaluable to making Joosee the awesome service you want it to be. Next step for us is to double our efforts to push Joosee to those that can benefit from the service, and then we work on taking Joosee to the next level! We'd love your help with this, so if you've used Joosee and loved it, like I know many of you have, then tell your friends, family, colleagues, dogs, cats, monkeys...and anyone else you think would love it. Finally, I'd like to say thanks for your support so far, it means a lot to use here at and we can't do it without you.

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