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The great outdoors, it's a wonderful place to be. Breathing in the fresh air, following your sense of adventure, becoming one with the elements. If you're in agreement, then this week's Site of the Week will be right up your street. Paracords & More features products made from a strong and versatile cord that was previously exclusively used only on military-grade parachutes. Now available to the public you can benefit from it's unique qualities as a material, one of them being that it looks great! Tim from Paracords and More explains what he does:

My site is about survival paracord bracelets, necklaces, bolo's & I also make snares for trapping small game for survival. I make the jigs for all of the paracord crafts I make also. It's all about survival gear that's easy to wear or take with you in case you need it for an emergency.

He stocks products that are perfect for those who love outdoors and even those that don't. With a multitude of functions and forms this is truly a super material. Go and check what Tim has to offer right away at:

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The life of a seaman has always involved a lot of travelling and getting to see different parts of the world, that's what makes it such an appealing job to many. After years spent on the high seas visiting exotic places, I bet you could write a book full of amazing stories about what you've done and where you've been. This week's Site of the Week belongs to a man who was once a US Merchant Marine Officer and is now drawing on some of that experience to write stories that appeal to both adults and younger people.

Here's more from the man himself, A. Mark Childress:

"I was raised in Oklahoma and moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida out of High School and entered into the private yachting industry. In 1993 I obtained my USCG Captain s license for a US Merchant Marine Officer. For years I wrote short stories of events that happened onboard the vessels , from being rescued by helicopter off of Cape Hatteras in the Carolinas to being chased by Mexican pirates off of the southern tip of Mexico. I've done forty two Panama Canal trips, nine transatlantic, two Suez Canal and two transpacks from LA to Hawaii. I've been lucky to have traveled all over this great world. Now, I've decided to take on my passion of writing and enjoying it 100 percent."


Site of the Week!


This week's Site of the Week is a fantastic looking site from:

Both the logo and picture give this site a personal, customized touch and the grey and orange colour scheme really works well. Multi specializes in Information Technology implementation for small to medium sized organizations. Go check it out!

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Another week, another beautiful looking site! 

At Joosee we're finding a lot of people signing up that are either stylists, hairdressers, or involved in the beauty industry. For people whose business doesn't have a fixed location, a mobile site is a great way to showcase your skills and talents to potential customers. Today we have Jen with her Lush hair extensions:

"We are Habia trained and insured extensionists & beauty therapists within Glasgow. Consultations are available via email or on a one to one basis. We look forward to hearing from all our new and existing clients x"

Go and have a look at her great site:

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Most of us would prefer not to be tossed on the trash heap and never loved again. So why do we treat our belongings in the same, wasteful way? This is a question our SITE OF THE WEEK has asked, and it's found a solution:

Renewed Interest take clothes, shoes, handmade furniture, antiques and many more things on consignment, providing used goods with an opportunity to experience love again. Even better is that they stock both new and used items, including items from skilled local craftsmen and artisans. If you're searching for them on foot there is no reason to miss them as they've helpfully included a picture of their storefront so that you don't have to be in any doubt at all. This is a great feature to take advantage of in Joosee, enabling your potential customers to not only recognize you when they're looking for you, but to also give a personal touch to your website that even those that will never actually come into the store will appreciate.

They've made a truly beautiful website so why not go and check it out? Exactly, you've no reason not to!

Site of the Week!


What some new threads? Then our Site of the Week has got what you need.

Simply Apparel is a new clothing label bringing you the freshest clothes available on the street!

Go check it out and get your order in:

Site of the Week


Coming at us with a gorgeous red website this week is WeatherTek 
Custom Builders!

"Here at WeatherTek we take pride in quality craftsmanship. Please feel free to browse through our portfolio to see for yourself."

Check the gallery to see their high-quality handiwork: