3 Reasons Why You Need to Submit Your Site to Google


An important aspect of having a mobile site is making sure that people know about it and can find it. Existing customers should be able to get to your mobile website whenever they want, and potential customers should be presented with your site when they're online trying to find something related. A good social networking strategy can help put your business in the path of potential customers, but it's not all your mobile site needs. You should also submit your site to Google search, if you don't you will be missing out on these benefits:

Increased site visibility

If you don't submit your new mobile site to Google, then there is no way for the search engine to find your site. If it can't find your site, then people searching for terms related to your site also won't be offered your site as a search result. Google does scour the web looking for new content, but it is hard to find a brand new site with no back links or other tracks. After submitting your site to Google it knows it exists and can start indexing your site's content.

More traffic

Once your site has been submitted to Google it means that web users will be able to find your site when they search for it's name, or for related topics. If you're site is for a shop that sells fresh organic apple juice for example, then your site will show in the list of results when someone searches for 'fresh organic apple juice'. To really harness this power it is worth searching for tips relating to search engine optimization (SEO), as there is plenty of information about this online. SEO can help your store go from page 10 in the search results to page 1, which will in turn increase the traffic to your site.

Access to a big market

Over 89% of consumers use a search engine for purchase decisions. This is a huge market that you're business is missing out on if it is not searchable or findable online. People's consumer choices are now heavily influenced by what they find when searching on the internet. The best bet for your business is to make sure that you are doing the influencing by putting your mobile site out there and submitting it to Google. 

Submitting your mobile site to Google should be a key part of your business's marketing plan, if you don't do it you'll be missing out on some key benefits for you and your business. To really optimize your online presence, having a social network presence and researching SEO are also incredibly helpful. Marketing your mobile site is an ongoing process with no defined end goal. Perseverance is key.

For instructions on how to submit your Joosee site to Google, you can follow the guide on our support page: http://support.joosee.com/customer/portal/articles/1279894--how-to-submit-joosee-mobile-website-to-google-search
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